Professional Dome Plans -- Building geodesic domes made easy. Precision Structures LLC
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Professional Dome Plans -- A book of detailed shop drawings and simple formulas for building wood framed, 3v icosa, panelized geodesic domes.
Click Here to download a PDF version of the book's full text and 7 sample drawings in 8 1/2" x 14" format.

Building a geodesic dome has never been easier.

Whether you're a professional home builder, a do-it-yourself type or you already own a dome home but would like a matching outbuilding or shop, Professional Dome Plans gives you the tools you'll need to successfully build a geodesic dome. The detailed shop drawings and simple formulas explain it all — every length, every angle, every board.

39' Standard Hex Panel
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Mother Earth News"Professional Dome Plans is a book for builders not dreamers. If you're planning to construct your own dome, the detailed shop drawings and terse suggestions will be well worth the asking price." *

"Mother Earth News" January, 1990  Full Review

* The comment that it's "well worth the asking price" reflects the original 1990 price of $34.95. Regrettably, we are unable to continue to develop and deliver the plans for that price. A personal license is now $54.95 for unlimited personal use and a commercial license is $184.95 plus a modest royalty.

Canadian Home Workshop"Anyone who has ever been intimidated by the desire to build a geodesic dome will be relieved to know that the cavalry has arrived... Professional Dome Plans, has brought the other-worldly science of building geodesic domes down to earth where it belongs — firmly within the abilities of the do-it-yourselfer... The simplicity of the book suggests careful thought from Hill. The drawings are clear and easy to understand.. What it all adds up to in the end is a book that cuts through the complex geodesic math, reducing it to the unimportant obstacle that it is, clearing the way for the important task of building a dome."

"Canadian Workshop" March, 1989  Full Review

* "Canadian Workshop" changed its name to "Canadian Home Workshop" in May of 1998. It's still the same great magazine, just with a new name.

Professional Builder "Designed to give a simple understanding of a complex building procedure, Professional Dome Plans is a collection of drawings and diagrams that aims to make dome building self-explanatory... Jeffery O. Hill is a former plant manager at Oregon Dome where he helped produce commercial and residential domes. To Hill's credit, the plan book is thorough."

"Professional Builder" Mid-March, 1989  Full Review

Sample Drawings

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Foundation Layout Top View Elevation
39' Standard Hex Panel Plywood Layout 39' Velux Skylight Hex Panel 39' Velux Skylight Hex Panel Plywood Layout
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